I build Web Apps and Developers.

I am Krishnamohan Chivukula with 25 years of experience in building software systems. I come from Vizianagaram,India.

I am open to Consulting and Development work. There are four aspects of me which are relevant for people who intend to work with me:

  • Writing Code: I am a hands-on-polyglot developer with exposure to multiple programming languages and frameworks. Building web applications has been my strength. PHP, Ruby-on-Rails and currently Phoenix have been my go-to frameworks for building web applications.
  • Building Teams: I have been a solopreneur for most part of my career. However, I have been fortunate to be associated with many startups in their early stages. Hiring rookie programmers, training/mentoring them to build a tech team with a culture and character has been a task I am entrusted with multiple times and I enjoy it immensely.
  • Trainer/Mentor: As part of my solopreneur-ship I spent a considerable amount of time in teaching and mentoring both students and early-stage professionals. I am proud to say that, I have trained close to 5000 students in C programming, 500 students in Web Application Development and mentored close to 100 early-stage professionals in Web Application Development.
  • My Co-Career activities:
    • I am an international rated chess player. I played professional chess for a couple of years.
    • I earned my bread as a professional trader for a few years. I operated in Derivative markets in India. Building Trading Algorithms, Systemic trading are areas which are passionate to me.
    • I have a passion to write. I write articles, poetry in my native language Telugu.

My work:

  • Most of my work is in EdTech domain. I played an important role in building EduNxt, the learning platform for Sikkim Manipal University in both architecting and execution.
  • I worked as CTO for GreyCampus. I did the “Envisaging, Architecting and Executing” of their backend Learning Management System. We did two versions of the product. One initially in PHP Laravel, when we are checking the product fitment and one that is running currently in Ruby-on-Rails to scale things up.
  • We have developed an ERP solution for the Andhrapradesh state Government for their Dairy. The domain is Milk Procurement from Farmers. The scope included real time billing and payment solutions.
  • Currently I am working on a platform to improve the teaching-learning efficacy using technology. The product is in early stages, and is hosted at Guruajada
  • At the beginning of my career, I wrote a desktop application on Windows for the Indian Accounting System. The software is written in Visual C++ and we have sold close to 100 copies of the application.
  • I have done multiple training workshops and build-along-with-student hackathons to equip the students/early stage professionals to give a taste of real world application development.